Friday, February 25, 2011

Fridays Favorite Finds - John Goolsby with Godfather Films

Twenty-three year IEPPV member John Goolsby is a Wedding Video Hall of Fame member who started his filmmaking career in 1986. He has gone on to film in 18 different states and ten countries. Goolsby is the recipient of the Prova Award for the Best Wedding Video in the United States three years in a row and has been voted one of the Top 25 Videographers in the World.

Since the first moment we met, John has gone above and beyond for me and for all of my brides! A true professional, and my Favorite Friday Find!

After 25 years in the business, Goolsby still thinks that preserving the memories of that one special day, time and place where everybody important to a couple have gathered to celebrate their marriage is the best job in the world.  Goolsby likes to say, “Our most treasured belongings are the memories of our life experiences”

Be sure to visit their website:

John also filmed this a promotional video for my company.  Click below to see an example of his wonderful work!



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Annette Hoegner said...

John from Godfather films is amazingly talented at his craft! Those that use him as their videographer will have an heirloom to treasure for generations to come.