Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bridal Fashions: Kirstie Kelly Couture Wedding Collection

We are delighted to feature one of our favorite couture bridal gown designers, Kirstie Kelly on our blog today.  We would love to invite you to her showroom in El Segundo to see her 2012 collection.

Kirstie Kelly's jewel box showroom is the spot for all things bridal in the South Bay.  Brides, Mother of the brides, bridesmaids and flower girls have a place to come and be pampered.   

The customer service that is offered at Kirstie Kelly is impeccable.  According to Kirstie, "It’s more like what you would experience in the 1950s and ’60s,” "You are greeted at the door and offered something to eat or drink. We take the time to understand what you’re looking for. It’s a high-end couture experience in a relaxed environment.”

We'd love to show you a few of our favorite dresses from her new 2012 collection.

This is DAHLIA:

We love this dress because it is high drama!  This gown is made of organza and English tulle.   Each individual piece is hand cut and applied to create mountains of layers that cascade down the skirt.   The bodice is all over hand ruched... talk about lots of work! but ohh so fun!!

Here is a sneak peak of IRIS:
 The gown has a hand beaded and pleated bodice with a draped silk chiffon skirt.  It is absolutely exquisite.  You will have to come to the showroom to see it for yourself!

And we have to introduce you to Poppy:  The perfect little white dress for a reception, rehearsal, or elopement!  

Poppy is made of hand ruched Chantilly lace with a hand stitched corset effect bodice and a delicate organza floral skirt.

The perfect Wedding gown is waiting for you at Kirstie Kelly regardless of your budget.  As noted by Kirstie,  “Whether a bride is spending $700 on a dress or $7,000, she should feel special and that someone is really listening to what she wants.” 

To make an appointment at Kirstie Kelly’s showroom, call (310) 322-6100. The showroom is located at 1730 E. Holly Avenue in El Segundo. For more information and to see more of her collection, visit

We can't wait to see the rest of her 2012 collection!

Love, Laughter and Happiness,


Carrie Goldberg - Event Manager
Mary Dann Wedding and Party Coordinators

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Favorite Find: Heels Above

I am so excited to share one of my favorite products, Heels Above, which was created by my friend Nicole and her fashion expert mom, Susie as a "smart solution to a silly problem".

How many times have you been to a wedding or event in your favorite pair of heels, only to sink in the grass during the ceremony or get stuck in sidewalk cracks while moving from one location to the other?  I must've taken my shoes to the shoe doctor at least five times to have my heels fixed before finding this amazing product that has since saved my shoes and money on repairs.  

Heels Above stylishly protect and stabilize your high heeled shoes, keeping you above surfaces like grass, grates and cracks that can damage your shoes and slow you down.   It is made out of a small flexible piece of recyclable plastic that attaches easily to your high heel shoes, and are simple to slip on and off.   They are available in two different sizes and come in clear or black.  

Brides, this is a great gift to put in your goodie bag for your bridesmaids who will be standing with you during your ceremony.  Keep them from sinking which will cause fidgeting and distraction from you and your and your husband-to-be so all eyes are on you as you say your "I Do's"!

No matter the surface of the wedding location, Heels Above  is sure to protect your shoes and give you additional support.

Susie and Nicole donated 100 packs of Heels Above to the grand opening of our new Beverly Hills Studio.  They were such a hit!  Everyone who has a pair of high heels should have a pair of Heels Above!

To get your pair, check out the Heels Above website at, call 310-929-7784 or email the lovely ladies at

Much gratitude,

Mary Dann

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Top 5 Things to Do Once You Are Engaged

He finally proposed and you said, “yes.” Now What??

Most girls want to buy the dress or pick a wedding date, but the most prudent step would be to discuss my top 5 pieces to the wedding planning puzzle:

1). Budget: how much do you actually have to spend. Yes, it is time to talk about the un-sexy subjects of budget, withdrawal from savings, money management, and who else can help you pay for it.

2). Guest count: when making your list, please consider that most weddings, on the average, cost from $400-$800 per person (inclusive of food, beverage, tax gratuity, vendors, rentals, etc.). As a rule of thumb, your location (food, beverage and site) usually costs half of your overall budget. Select a location/food/beverage knowing that if you doubled the estimated costs, you can afford the rest of the costs like entertainment, photographer, planner/coordinator, videographer, stationery, officiant, flowers, rentals, lighting, beauty, etc. So before you start inviting people you work with and your neighbors, ask yourself, are they worth the average cost per person for your wedding day??

3). Consult with a professional: Since a professional planner (someone who has planned at least 200+ weddings with 10+ years of experience) usually gets married 20-30 times a year, they have much more buying leverage, insights, suggestions and patience than a family member, friend or co worker. Most professional planners will offer a complimentary 1 hour consultation at their office to discuss your vision, budget, needs and features of their company. Your planner would help you create your dream day with your budget and vision in mind.

4). Design ideas. Look through magazines (print or online) to get design ideas. This is a perfect way to be able to communicate your likes and dislikes to anyone you meet or hire to help you. NO one can be a mind reader; it is your job to share some bits and pieces to your planner, designer, florist, and/or venue. Often times, a few “tear sheets” from a magazine can do the trick.

5). Choose a ceremony experience. This is the most sacred part of your wedding day. Make sure you select a setting that makes both of your hearts sing. As you move into making many decisions and merging your full and busy lives together, it is important to honor each of your traditions, dreams and wedding ceremony “ideals”.

Much Gratitude,
Mary Dann-McNamee