Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jack Caputo, Photographer, Will Be Missed

The world has lost a great photographer and friend! Jack Caputo passed away last Wednesday from a loosing battle with colon cancer. He was survived by his wife, 3 small children, numerous family members and thousands of happy past clients that still cherish the memories he captured by video and photography.. Jack was like a brother to me in so many ways.. I first met him in 1995, when we did our first wedding together in La Quinta Resort and Spa (The Bride was Marcia Badgley.. the twin sister of the Designer Mark Badgley aka: the “Badgley” of thee Badgley Mischka).Jack was my first introduction to a “celebrity photographer”… He had an office in Beverly Hills that he shared with Mindy Weiss. Jack helped me plenty with my adventure of being an independent wedding planner by taking head shots for my brochure (we did not have web sites at that time.. marketing was all about your brochure), editing the wording of my brochure, and inviting me to “the best of the best in the wedding industry” parties. Thanks Jack for all the love and support! I hope you knew how loved you were during your short time on this earth…You GENEROUSLY shared your talent, wisdom, laughter, kindness and top standards of service with me… I am so grateful to have traveled the journey with you!!
Thanks for being another Angel to help guide us along our earthly journey …