Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ABC Santa Barbara Ventura

ABC Santa Barbara with Mary Dann-McNamaree

Leaders and Followers

Wednesday, January 19th Mary’s talk explored the dynamics of working with leaders and followers. She provided insights and tools that will serve the Santa Barbara ABC Community as they journey through any type of intimate event planning situation; such as a mother-daughter planning a wedding, teenager and parents planning a mitzvah or a corporate planner and their team planning a gala or corporate meeting.

The presentation was based on years of experience working with couples in a therapeutic situation.

The talks main objective was to identify the Leadership Personality, Leadership Traits and the ability to motivate and Identify Traits that make up a good Follower or “Team Member”.  She explored how important it is to recognize the balance intrinsic to creating a positive outcome of the team.

She and her panel of experts, Colette and Kaitlin Lopez of La Fete Weddings, and Nikki Khan of Exquisite Events, identified how good leadership affects followers, and the team success. They also shared how to recognize specific personalities within a planning environment and to leverage each individuals unique ability to contribute.

The discuss ended with an insightful discussion on how these personality traits manifest within Mother Daughter Relationships in a Legacy Business.


Mary Dann Wedding and Party Consultants 


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