Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grace's Graduation Captured By Mimi Teller

This past Saturday, my oldest daughter, Grace, graduated from American Martyrs Catholic Preschool. It was a very special day for our family and I wanted to put icing on the cake by getting new photos of my girls. I asked a few photographers, and Mimi Teller stepped in and without a doubt surpassed my expectations. She got my youngest to smile and made the experience fun for everyone. She has a great personality and made my girls feel comfortable (which made the photos even better for me!)

Mimi primarily does weddings and even though I haven’t had the opportunity to work with her personally on a wedding, her photos speak for themselves. Take a look at her website! I am very excited and thankful for my photos. I am already in the process of getting cards made to use for stationery. I am thrilled she captured their angelic essence! Now I have photos that captured this special day to look back to as my girls continue to grow too fast in front of my eyes…

Grace(left) & Sophia (right)

Grace, 4

Sophia, 2

Much Gratitude!
Mary Dann-McNamee


Jennifer Kelley said...

Amazing how fast they grew up and they really are so beautiful!! Congrats lil Grace!!

mario games said...

Amazing how fast they grew up and they really are so beautiful!! Congrats lil Grace!!

Anonymous said...

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