Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ear on Careers Podcast

My most recent podcast was released last week and I've been so eager to share it with you! It’s the latest episode of a series of podcasts called “Ear on Careers." Top-Tier Tutoring produces the free series which is designed to introduce listeners to what it’s like to have different careers in various fields. It's so great for anyone contemplating career paths or considering a career switch. I always say that everyone deserves to have a career that they love! Anyways, Rhonda Rivera kindly asked me if she could interview me for the wedding planner episode and I was so flattered. In the interview, I speak about my background, what a typical day for me is like, and I also give advice to those considering a career as a wedding planner. I feel so lucky to have a career I enjoy. Be sure to tune in here and tell your friends about it. Hope you like it!!

Much Gratitude,

Mary Dann-McNamee


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