Thursday, February 25, 2010

So Many Vendors, So Little Time!

I don’t know about you, but I get so many calls and emails from various vendor categories wanting to work with me and get on my vendor referral list. There are so many nice vendors, and I would love to help anyone that calls. But the fact is, just because a vendor is nice, and shows beautiful images, doesn’t mean they share my same high standards. A vendor cannot get on my radar or list until I have the pleasure of working with then on an event. My best recommendation for getting on my vendor referral list is

1. Refer a client to me. There is no better way to get started on the road of being one of my preferred referrals, than to bring me a client so we can work together. I only refer vendors who I have worked with and can guarantee their professionalism at an event and throughout the planning process. So a great way for me to experience their work ethic and standards is to work with them on a job. This applies to any vendor.

2. Volunteer your service to a job I am already planning. This would apply mainly to photographers and means a photographer would work 4-5 hours at a wedding to capture detail shots and the team at work. The purpose is to experience how they interact with the team and the beauty of their finished product.

I hope these two suggestions help you when considering who to add on to your preferred vendor list and encourage vendors to do something first rather than just ask for something.

Much Gratitude,
Mary Dann-McNamee


Rev. Virginia Bishop said...

Sounds great! How would an officiant provide assistance to wedding planners in order to get considered?? Thanks!

Mary Dann said...

Thanks for your response Rev. Virginia Bishop! The principle still stands true that if you refer the planner, which will allow them the opportunity to experience your services, they will then in return be able to refer you!