Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today in the office!

The sales continue with Wedding Wisdom and we’re busy busy in the office booking new clients and getting ready for Mariam and Afshin’s wedding in just a couple short weeks! I am finally getting the hang of twitter and LOVING it!! Two weeks ago I didn’t imagine I would have received so much publicity via facebook! Amazing!! It’s really exciting and I recommend that anyone who owns their own business or trying to promote a business, utilize this social marketing avenue: Twitter. I actually just recommended to my good friend, April Storms, who is the new Director of Sales at the Andaz Hotel, to make sure she is tweeting! My sweetie Grace’s 4th birthday is coming up so we have several days of celebration. She just can’t wait to turn 4 and play with all her friends! She’s so cute and I feel blessed! I hope everyone is having a fabulous Tuesday! Thanks for all the continued support! Stay tuned for my upcoming Holiday specials on The Balanced Planner DVD and Wedding Wisdom.

Much Gratitude,
Mary Dann-McNamee

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