Wednesday, November 4, 2009


My book WEDDING WISDOM has arrived, and selling !! And I’m thrilled!! The books came in on Friday, I started signing on Saturday and on Monday the over 100 books went out to all the planners that pre-purchased them over the past year! A special thanks again to those who contributed to my “special thanks” page. I have since sold 20 more books and feel so blessed because my co-creator, Leila Kahlil, twittered about it on Tuesday and the response was HUGE!!! Thanks for all the support. I love knowing that I get to help other wedding planners be better at the job that they love. You can purchase WEDDING WISDOM on my website for $35 (for hard bound) plus $10 (shipping, tax + autographed) Please also check out:

Much Gratitude,
Mary Dann-McNamee

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