Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Wedding of Ashun Freedman and Taylor Williams Part 2

It’s Part 2 of Ashun and Taylor’s Wedding! If you haven’t seen the video I posted a few weeks ago be sure to check it out on my previous post about Ashun and Taylor. I just received some photos from Jon Barber and I couldn’t resist doing another post about this fabulous couple. Ashun and Taylor, along with their families were so fun to work with, so it was no surprise to see how much fun they were having with all of their family and friends on the dance floor. Both the bride and groom looked absolutely stunning, and every single detail of their wedding was perfect! Their florist, Growing Wild, did a wonderful job for their long time clients. The Freedman’s have been getting their flowers from Growing Wild for years, so it was fun for them to see Ashun on her big day! I hope you enjoy these additional pictures to the previous video I posted!


Anonymous said...

I love the groom holding her bouquet! Stunning!

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