Friday, June 22, 2012



It's officially Summer and we know you will all be thirsting for water, but do you know where it has been?  We don't but the people at Real Water do!!!

Real Water knows most of the water you drink every day may actually be damaging your health. And it’s not just plain water, how about juice, tea, coffee, soda? You see, nearly everything you drink has water as its foundation. And, this also includes you! Your body is over 70% water.  So doesn't it make sense, that you should drink water and use water based products that help improve your health instead of harm it? Of course it does.

According to Real Water, "Most water and water-based products we drink and use have two very common problems. First, the water has been damaged. Before it gets to you, it has traveled through pipes, filtration devices, and various systems. During these travels, it has been stripped of electrons (-). The result is water that is positive (+) ionized. Second, the water is very acidic."

And guess what...acid in the body is a negative!  It causes us to feel WEAK, TIRED, CAUSES HEADACHES and FATIGUE.  In some extreme cases even SHOCK, COMA or even DEATH. 

So this year do yourself a favor and BALANCE your body with Real Water.

Call our friend Shannan Sweeney to order some REAL water!!

We think Real Water would also make a great giveaway to guests at your next event because it will show how much you care about them!!

For more information on Real Water go to

Much Gratitude,



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