Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Favorite Find: WriteShot Photography

We recently posted about Nicole and Eric's beautiful Four Season's Westlake Village Wedding.  The couple had such a unique experience with their photography team that we wanted to share with you.

We love working with Natasha and Chris of WriteShot.  They spend the entire week with a couple documenting their history, their wedding details, and learning all about their families and passions.  Natasha and Chris join in the festivities leading up to the wedding including spa days, showers, guys nights out, wedding rehearsals, dinners, and day-after events.

At the end of your wedding journey they present you with a book that includes beautiful images and all the stories they have captured.  You also get an iPad version of your book!
Natasha and Chris are both published writers and their designs are completely custom.   When you hire WriteShot, you not only get a professional photographer with over 20 years experience, but a storyteller.

We invited Natasha to write a guest blog and talk about her experience with Nicole and Eric:
Here is a slideshow of their work:

"When Mary Dann contacts WriteShot, we know the client is going to be a perfect fit for us and this was most certainly the case with the Weiders. Nicole and Eric have a powerful energy between them and both of their families are truly dynamic. As a couple, they share a love for anything classic Hollywood--films, photos and music, included. Individually, they each radiate a unique passion. For Nicole, it is being a role model and educator for young girls. Eric is a historian, whose bent is the Old West. History is important to both Nicole and Eric, as is family. So, it came as no surprise that they commissioned us to photograph their wedding week and tell their love story and the story of their wedding. We first met the couple in their Hollywood Room early in their wedding week. And, as family and friends arrived, WriteShot was there capturing every moment in both images and words. The week ended with a romantic shoot on the Strand in Manhattan Beach. The couple will receive two distinct books, in addition to all of the hundreds of photos that were shot during the week. The first, a one-of-a-kind coffee table-style storybook comprises approximately 100 photos and 12,000 words. The second book, at the bride's request, will be an image-only book.

For couples whose love runs deep and for whom the values of family and legacy are paramount, WriteShot is a perfect choice. We are the only professional photojournalist/journalist team to document weddings the way we do--in both images and words. Our style is pure documentary. We take on approximately one client each month and all work is completely custom. Everything we do from the shooting, the writing, the editing and the layout, is completed in-house and everything we do is tailored to each couple's needs. Each storybook takes on the look and feel of that couple; and for the Weiders' book that means Old Hollywood. 

When a couple truly appreciates fine art and believes in themselves and the power of their own story, that's when they start looking for something really different and satisfying--something that allows them to savor their wedding day over and over again. That's WriteShot. "

We can't wait to present future clients with the opportunity to work with WriteShot.

Love, Laughter and Happiness!

Carrie Goldberg
Event Manager - Mary Dann Wedding and Party Coordinators

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