Monday, July 4, 2011

Faces of Freedom Flag

I thought today would be an appropriate time to highlight one of my favorite charities: Faces of Freedom Flag; a non-profit organization created by artist Michele Dawn and her executive team. Michele wanted to create a visual and personal way to honor and support our troops and decided to construct a flag.

 The first flag to be constructed is 10 feet high by 20 feet wide and will consist of 428 pictures submitted by members of the armed forces. Pictures are still being accepted for this flag. The pictures are painted into the flag creating a unique work of art. On the back of each photo spot on the flag will be a panel with information from or about the service member as well as a message, which has been sponsored by a member of the public, a group or company.

When fully assembled, this and each flag that follows will be on display on request at businesses, parks, public buildings and other appropriate venues. The public will get a chance to view the faces of the troops and read the information and messages. Eventually, these picture and message combinations will also be available for online viewing.

Most soldiers hold second jobs off base to make ends meet. The added income helps buy formula, diapers, pay utility bills and other basic necessities of life. Once deployed, that second pay check vanishes and the families are left to make ends meet, and suffer financial hardship.

You can sponsor a spot in the flag for a service member, as well as provide a message of support for our troops which will be displayed on the back of the photo of one of our service members. This message will be seen by everyone who sees the flag in person or online.

The funds raised to create this flag monument will be used to support the families of troops here at home. Faces of Freedom Flag will use your contribution to either provide gift cards and in-kind help directly, or through cash contributions to existing non-profit organizations, which already help the families of troops.

Go to the Faces of Freedom Flag website to make a contribution and submit your message and photo spot sponsorship for the troops to be displayed on this historic flag monument to the serving troops.

Thank you soldiers for all your hard work and thank you Michele Dawn and Faces of Freedom Flag for honoring our troops! Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

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