Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Favorite Finds - The Write Shot Photography and Video

This is the first of many "Friday Favorite Finds" I (with the help of my amazing PR company, Raye C Marketing ) will post each Friday, highlighting my favorite people, places, services and things that relate to the business of brides and special events!

The Write Shot Photography and Video company does something that no one else does...  they capture the week leading up to your wedding day and the honeymoon in 300 + page coffee table book and lets you tell your own love story!

You've got one shot. Make it the WriteShot.


Phyllis {My Wedding Concierge} said...
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Phyllis {My Wedding Concierge} said...

Not only are Natasha and Chris talented and one of a kind, they're also some of the nicest in the entire industry!

Natasha said...

Thank you for featuring us, Mary! We always tell people that before there was The Knot; before there was the LA Times and before Daily Candy, there was Mary Dann. You've always been a great supporter of ours! Thank you.

LLE said...

I love the Write Shot. Their work gives me chills and I'm not even married, not even engaged. The storytelling is unparalleled. So glad they are your favorite. They're mine too!