Thursday, January 14, 2010

View Mary Dann in Action on Style Network's TV Show, Married Away

In April 2007, I was asked by the Style network to be the planner for Brad and Leia’s wedding in Lake Louise and Banff Springs for 30 guests with only 6 weeks to plan it all. The show was called “Married Away” (a spin off of “Who’s Wedding Is It Anyway?”). Thankfully I was only a few months pregnant and was available for their wedding date. I usually love being filmed while I coordinate a special wedding day, the stakes are higher, I feel more challenged and I love the chance to show my style of wedding planning! I am just bummed they cancelled this show and no re-runs are being played. Here is an image of myself, the couple and film crew!

View the First Episode


Lisa Husmann Platinum Events said...

Not only did you look beautiful, Mary, but I loved your idea about the names on the cakes! You are so fabulous!

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