Monday, April 7, 2008

The Mary Dann Collection: "Wedding Wands"


Los Angeles, CA (April 7, 2008)
– Famed wedding and event planner, Mary Dann has added to her signature collection of event accessories with the addition of whimsical, hand-made Wedding Wands. Waving joyfully in the air, Wedding Wands are a creative, exciting way to add flair to any event, especially wedding ceremonies. Dann’s inspiration for creating Wedding Wands was to give brides and grooms the choice of a fun, interactive accessory that their guests can wave to celebrate their union. Standing side by side, often creating a receiving line on two sides, guests are able to greet the new couple with fanfare, when other noisemakers or objects can not be used or are not desired.

For centuries, waving beautifully colored streamers and banners has been a way to add extra praise and adulation to guests-of-honor in celebrations. Dann has brought this tradition to modern events with her Ceremony Wands available in 22 different colors ranging in every shade of the rainbow. The wands can be designed in up to four colors- one basic color for the handle of the wand and three accent colors for the six ribbon strands flowing from it. A glistening rhinestone is adorned at the top of each wand where the ribbon strands are attached, giving an extra touch of elegance.

In addition to weddings, Wedding Wands are also appropriate for birthdays, anniversaries or any other celebratory occasion which calls for festive adulation.

For a full list of colors available or for more information on Mary Dann Wedding Wands, please visit $5.50 per wand, minimum of 20 wands per order.


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