Monday, December 17, 2007

Florida Fusion Fun

The national ABC convention was a complete success! I met the most lovely people who gave me a warm welcome. The ABC gave me a booth where I was able to showcase both my existing dvd, "The Wedding Planner Path", and my newly released dvd, "The Balanced Planner: For the Bride, the Planner, or Both" Leila, my PR and Marketing assistant, was manning the booth and sold over 100 dvds!

My new stationery line of luxury gratitude notes was also a hit. I couldn't' have asked for a better response.
On Tuesday at the conference I was the featured speaker at the Spa Luncheon. At the end the ladies who had hosted it, Lisa Konecny of E-Events and Lori Patterson of A Memorable Affair, started a game of "Mary Dann Trivia" which was a lot of fun. Among the prizes was a free copy of "The Balanced Planner" and a 1hr phone career counseling session with me.

I even took on a new mentoree ,whom I met in Florida, 2 weeks after the conference with Monica Gill of JCricket Events. She came to shadow me for 3 days for a wedding I had at the Hotel Bel-Air- she was such a treat!

I want to thank all those with the ABC who made my travels with baby Sophia and Leila as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

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Lisa Konecny-E Events Design said...

Mary and Leila,

The pleasure was all ours! There was so much buzz generated before and after your wonderful presentation, and the buzz continues!
The true bonus was to discover the authenticity that you and Leila clearly work so diligently to maintain on yourselves and your business.